About us


Kee-moh Snacks was created by someone who has personally been through cancer. It was created by me, Alyx.

Nutritional well-being is so important during this time and it is often overlooked or difficult to deal with quickly and easily. My vision is to never have anyone suffer from treatment-related malnutrition.

My diet and food intake was so restricted that I was malnourished and I lost 10kg. This is not an uncommon story though. I needed food that I could easily get my hands on and would agree with my side-effects, not make them worse.

I also needed food that my husband, my primary carer, could easily obtain and make. Cancer leaves our loved ones in such a helpless place and they don't know what to do for you. Now they have an option that will nourish your body and nurture their hearts knowing they have given you exactly what you need.

Kee-moh Snacks comes from real life experience, which is why so many people are benefiting from it already. I know you will too.